About EA

About Us

Our STEAM by Design class consists of 5 Durham Academy 8th grade students that want to create a change and a positive impact on the world. One of the biggest issues that we are currently facing is Global Warming. We created this website to spread awareness and provide resources to help individuals educate themselves about this issue and learn how to do their part in saving Earth.

About Our Goal

Our goal is to promote change and encourage people to use more renewable sources of energy. We are trying to highlight problems and raise this awareness since only “saving energy” isn’t enough to erase the damage already done. Our goal is to show how other model countries can use renewable energy and have people follow their lead. We hope that by educating people about this issue, we will spread more awareness around the world.

About Our Website

This is our website. It consists of many pages where you can learn more about what the problem is, model schools, and solutions or ways to help the cause.

Our Approach

Since social media and the internet are used every single day by billions of people, our approach is to try and spread awareness through it. It was proven to be a good way of spreading information, especially during different movements throughout 2020. The BLM movement started and mainly spread through social media in late May.